Linksafe health and safety systems and solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems & solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems and solutions
A versatile sector encompassing many different types of industry and businesses, manufacturing produces nearly 11,000 severe injuries every year of which almost half are related to body stressing.

Depending on the type of work being carried out and the places a worker is required to go, worker’s health may be placed at risk without even realising it. Comprehensive risk assessments and risk registers (where necessary) can help to identify and control potential health risks to workers, and their families.

At Linksafe we believe all businesses and organisations, whether public or private, are entitled to and deserve the highest level of assistance to ensure they are working in the safest way possible and reducing the chance of severe injury occurrence. We work with a wide range of individuals and businesses alike to ensure they are meeting their legislative requirements and understand what safety means for them and the business.

We’ll look at what the risks are together and the likelihood of them occurring. Once we’ve established the degree of harm that may occur we’ll work out ways to manage them. If they can be eliminated then they will be and if they can’t we’ll help you develop effective minimisation.

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With 300+ staff we constantly strive to improve our Health and Safety. Linksafe has enhanced our structure and delivery.
Melissa Bennett, Red Stag Timber
Our operations require serious attention to risk management. Linksafe has been a constant partner in our quest to be safe.
Ian Leslie, Pacific Forest Products NZ