Linksafe health and safety systems and solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems & solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems and solutions
Around 2500 people will be hit or bitten by animals every year. The majority of these are in a commercial agriculture situation and it’s only one thing to keep an eye on daily.

We understand the daily pressures of operating a business where everything seems outside your control. Weather, market forces, fluctuating currency, shifting variable costs and debt – at times it seems you carry the weight of the world. We understand, we’ve been there with farms of our own.

Regardless of the pressures you find yourself under you won’t want added stress of workplace health and safety not getting the attention it needs to compound your worries further.

Our availability to share a problem and give you common sense advice on a range of issues whenever you need it allows you to relax, stay calm and keep your mind on the job.

We provide a full range of simple, easily understood documentation, workplace services and products that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business be it farming, cropping, agrichemicals, breeding or even machinery. Most importantly we will stay involved and continue to work alongside you as long as you need support and guidance. It’s what we enjoy the most and you’ll love working with us.

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Linksafe’s starter kit gave us the essentials to begin with and helped us build an effective system we understand and use.
Dave & Karen Tailby, Highlands Farm
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