Linksafe health and safety systems and solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems & solutions
LINKSAFE safety systems and solutions
Ask any family or contractor dealing with a serious harm accident or fatality what it’s like and they will tell you it’s horrific. The scale of which they could never comprehend until it happened.

In 1987 we started producing some of the first basic Health and Safety systems in order to combat rising serious harm accidents and fatalities in what had become one of the most dangerous industries in New Zealand.

The introduction of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 saw the stakes increase and a new era commence for forestry contractors as they developed their knowledge and skills in addressing Health and Safety in the workplace. It was tough to break down the natural defence mechanisms that created a barrier to accepting change and at the time we were just as resistant as the contractors themselves.

Eventually however, the burden began to shift and through the empowerment of all those involved the accountability started to spread. It was great to be involved in shifting the culture and making a positive contribution that produced favourable outcomes, especially in workplace injury.

We were involved in the first successful Logging contractor tertiary level ACC WSMP audit in 2000 and we’ve helped hundreds more achieve ACC accreditation and develop effective systems since then.

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With the increasing demands on a PCBU to remain compliant we asked for assistance. It was the best thing we’ve ever done.
Ian Crawford, Crawford Logging
Our operations require serious attention to risk management. Linksafe has been a constant partner in our quest to be safe.
Ian Leslie, Pacific Forest Products NZ